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Not much to know. Go to http://narellefromaus.blogspot.com to see some things.

A written bio - Hmmmm, let's see.
Love Sci Fi. But good Sci Fi like Buffy, Stargate, Supernatural. Then there's the creepy, never seen daylight kind of Sci Fi - don't watch that. However, on the flip side I can sit down and watch a full season of America's Next Top Model (with appropriate wine in hand) no problems. Call the psychiatrist now please.

I always like to be as organised as possible. Comes with being a Company Director.
Surprises don't give me a thrill, they make me say "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GO AND DO THAT FOR?".

I own a Crackberry. I'm considering having it surgically attached to my person.

Multi-tasking is my saviour.

And I'm not the same Narelle from Aus who is apparently an aficionado on cheese. What are the chances of there being two people with such little imagination for a username?